New Jazz Orchestra

Meet the band

On stage with Peter today, touring the world tomorrow

It’s true! Perhaps one of the most exciting things about Peter Beets’ New Jazz Orchestra is how Beets hand-picks tomorrow’s bandleaders and invites them to the bandstand, challenging them to continue developing themselves. So far, collaborations involving these top-notch musicians have included Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Willie Jones III, Roy Hargrove, the Metropole Orchestra, Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, and many others.

Beets’ star-packed lineup consists of musicians ranging from the age of 20-40, making it more than a big band; it’s a community, giving participating musicians enough space to develop their own sound and projects whilst safeguarding the band’s artistic qualities. A stepping stone for promising Conservatoire graduates, the Orchestra embraces the age-old jazz tradition of older generations mentoring their younger peers on the bandstand. 

Developing talent often means, ultimately, losing it to other projects. For Beets’ New Jazz Orchestra, that isn’t an issue; soloists in the community sub for each other whilst being encouraged to maintain their own groups and develop their own ideas. That means the New Jazz Community includes an impressive alternating 12 saxophonists, 10 trombonists, 3 drummers, 3 bassists, and 10 trumpeters. Together, they form the ultimate jazz constellations, inviting you to stargaze at the future of Dutch jazz. 

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